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Microsoft Toolkit Download Free Latest Version krishai




i use Wp7 silverlight project. i want to use grid or something like it. but i dont know what is that thing called. i dont want to use XAML toolkit. my coding in C# plz help me :) A: You can use a combination of Silverlight's built in XAML controls and the functionality of the System.Windows.Controls namespace. Firstly, your class should have 2 properties for Grid Width and Grid Height. Secondly, Create a Grid and put your controls inside it. e.g. For the actual code, firstly you need to import the namespace using System.Windows; and then you have the "Grid" and "Canvas" Which is the same concept as the HTML "table" tag. Hope this helps! Use ListBox instead, grid is meant for controls displaying information in a table like way, not for grouping of controls. Try Grid.ColumnDefinition, and Grid.RowDefinition Edit: if you insist on using Grid, you have to use 2 grids, one on top of the other. something like:




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Microsoft Toolkit Download Free Latest Version krishai

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